Saweetie Mom Instagram – Saweetie’s Mom Steals The Show At Billboard Women In Music Awards

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Saweetie Mom Instagram – Saweetie was one of the numerous female craftsmen who went to the previous evening’s 2022 Billboard Women in Music occasion

The “Frigid” rapper even played out her Billboard Hot 100 hit “Closer,” and acknowledged the 2022 Game Changer grant, introduced by her mom, Trinidad Valentin.
Valentin gave a lovely discourse regarding how “glad” she is of her girl’s development as a craftsman. She uncovered that as a kid, Saweetie had observed an extraordinary interest in verse in the wake of observing an old sonnet her mom had composed

“Her verse had transformed into rhyming, and rhyming into rapping,” she clarified.

She thought about a discussion the two had when Saweetie graduated, when she had asked what her Plan B was if rapping didn’t work out.

Fans on Twitter rushed to bring up how “shocking” Saweetie’s mom looked while introducing her girl’s honor. “Ain’t no chance this saweetie’s mother, sister looks 25,” one client remarked.

Saweetie rushed to see the various responses to her mom’s magnificence. She even answered to one tweet saying, “AND THAT’S WORD TO MY MAMA SHE DA FILIPINO QUEEEEEN.”

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