Kurulus Osman Episode 80

Kurulus Osman episode 80 ( Season 3 episode 16) with English and Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 80

In Kurulus Osman Episode 80

Turgut understands that the main arrangement is to flee and flees with Kosses. Nikola starts to follow them into the backwoods. Turgut requests that Kosses return to his palace and carry troopers to save Osman. After a long conflict, the Mongols catch Osman. Nikola catches Turgut, however Kosses and his fighters save him. 

Geyhatu says Osman will bite the dust soon and removes him. Bala and Malhun ask the Beys for help to save Osman. Geyhatu says the ponies will run over the Turks. 

Osman says he isn’t anxious about death and hangs tight for Geyhatu’s appearance. Alemshah understands that Osman’s spouses are attempting to accomplish something furtively and gets some information about it critically. 

Gunduz consents to oust Bala and Malhun from the clan. Kosses assaults the Mongols with the new warriors he brought from the palace. Turgut utilizes this open door and saves Osman’s life.Osman requests that Kosses send a Byzantine fighter to Nikola and to enlighten him concerning the vizier’s arrangement. Kosses promptly acknowledges this deal. Osman says he needs to go to the royal residence to dispose of the allegations against himself. 

Turgut says it is extremely hazardous to go to Konya, however Osman says he will tell everything to the Sultan regardless. Geyhatu understands that Osman will converse with the Sultan and makes another plan.


Meanwhile, Kosses’ warrior comes and says that the Vizier is accomplishing secret work. From the outset, Nikola doesn’t completely accept that that the Vizier will give the palace to Gunduz, however sooner or later, he understands that the fighter was correct. 

The vizier converses with Geyhatu and understands that Osman is as yet alive. Geyhatu says that Kosses’ fighters saved Osman. Geyhatu proceeds to talk and tells about his new arrangement.

Nikola says he doesn’t believe the Vizier and will keep the palace. Malhun, Selcan, and Bala get ready to converse with Gunduz once and for all. Malhun says she won’t ever leave the clan and will comply with Osman’s organization. Yet again Gunduz cautions the ladies and says that they have partitioned the clan in two. Selcan asks Gunduz and the warriors to quiet down. 

The vizier reaches the clan and stops everybody. At the point when Gunduz hears about the Vizier’s organization, he is extremely astonished and says that Orhan will remain in the clan. Malhun tragically gives Orhan to Aisha and leaves the clan with different ladies. Osman says he needs to converse with the Sultan and begins to stand by in the nursery of the castle. 

King allows Osman to come to his room. The vizier says that he will give the palace to Gunduz soon and that this will be generally excellent for his future. King meets Osman and him where the sergeant is.

king’s faith

Osman says that he is faithful 100% of the time to the Sultan and starts to talk. Bala starts giving birth as the ones who left the clan travel to a nearby town. Julia watches the Turks from a far distance and assaults them sooner or later. Julia says she will kill Bala this time and seriously harms Selcan. 

While the Sultan is discussing the letter sent by Vizier, Geyhatu’s government agent kills him. Osman quickly kills the covert operative. Seljuk troopers feel that Osman killed the Sultan and attempt to get him. Selcan can’t withstand anything else and passes on in the woods.

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