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Creative Retail Display Ideas: Great Ways to Engage Customers

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Human beings are extremely visual creatures by nature, which is especially crucial when running a physical store. People purchase offline for a variety of reasons, one of which is to see items in person, which is all the more incentive to create successful retail display.

Read on for tips and examples of visual merchandising done right. Our hope is the following pointers would inspire your retail shop display ideas.

Grab The Attention With An Artwork

There is one way that you can get people talking about your store is to add the element of art to your display.

Well, you don’t have to spend tons on this, you can use basics to get the attention you want. Also, you can use your merchandising for turning it into artwork.

You can use your brands’ merchandise and present it as unique artwork. It gives an interesting touch to what you are selling without pressure.

It’s more about the art than the product, so you can get the attention for long. The customers don’t appreciate when they are forced to purchase, in fact, they tend to ignore the pressure.

This can be a unique as well as a creative way to get your customers to purchase the product.

Plants can be used in-store displays

Need an easy and affordable way to breathe life into your visual merchandising? Use plants. Doing so doesn’t just make your displays more attractive, they can also create healthier and more pleasant shopping experiences.

Make shop displays that are immersive

Immersing your customers in a specific location or setting is the finest approach to leave a lasting impression. Take a look at the sample below. The displays themselves are simple, with only a few simple racks and fittings used by the shop.

But because all the other elements of the store (i.e., the color of the walls, the cold-weather items, and the text “it’s cold outside”) follow a unifying theme, the overall effect is quite powerful. It engulfs customers into the “cool” theme of the store, creating an immersive experience.

Encourage people to touch and feel your products

In a survey by SOLUM, they found that the top reason people shop in brick and mortar stores instead of ecommerce is that physical retail enables shoppers to touch and feel items in person.

What’s the most important thing to remember from all of this? Make displays that allow customers to touch and feel your merchandise. You may be missing out on opportunities to connect with your clients if your things are sitting on a shelf or table still in their boxes.

So, take your products out of their packaging and get shoppers to really experience your merchandise. Ulta Beauty, for example, does this with their hairdryers. While other stores keep the products in their boxes, Ulta has their hairdryers out for people to touch and feel them.

Use plants in your shop displays

Having more “green” displays clearly has some benefits, so consider incorporating plants into your designs. For inspiration, look no further than homeware retailer Harper & Grey House. Plants are a staple in their displays and the greens do a tremendous job in accentuating their merchandise.

Digital signages

Showing relevant information close to the point of purchase increases purchasing decisions. Taking advantage of digital signages to show your products’ benefits could make the difference between one purchase or two.

Use The Scents To Set Your Store Apart

Humans have the tendency to feel attracted to pleasant smells. You can consider using this to your advantage.

Examples like Lush who are handmade cosmetics retailers, they capture the attention of their passers-by by their enticing scent used on the displays.

Even though your shop is not fragrance-based, still you can get attention by investing in dedicated scents.

Look for the best ones that can help in triggering the sensory connection. It can help in increasing the foot traffic and people will feel connected to the store.

Digital price tags

When you use a digital price tag, your store Retail Display can do a whole lot more than just displaying prices. Dynamic pricing, automatic changes, and real-time inventory are all possible with digital price tags. It allows your store to clear up space and track moving items so that you can restock them quickly.

You may also connect your inventory data to your online store, which makes order fulfillment through your store’s website a breeze!

To assist you in getting started in the retail industry, SOLUM ESL offers electronic shelf labels.

Our digital price tags may be attached to a range of products in the same way that a typical paper label can, but they come with a few more features and benefits!

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